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Your Guide

Mandy is passionate about taking you into a wilderness places to observe wild animals, walk with the Masai or the Bushmen, and even swim with wild dolphins, so you can get to know yourself better.

Mandy believes knowing yourself is the cornerstone to being passionate, motivated, dreaming again and being a great team player.

Mandy Young

Life-Changing Experiences You'll Never Forget

Your days on a wilderness encounter in Africa may be spent observing wild animals, walking with the Masai or the Bushmen to learn how they live alongside wild animals, plants, bugs and bushes, or you may choose to swim with wild dolphins. However, part of each adventure will be the opportunity for daily, fun, self-reflective discussion time to process what it is you are experiencing into take-home, life-changing insights. This adventure will go beyond the days spent in the wilderness to change who you are and what you would like to do with your life, to live your greatness, and make an impact that will leave a heritage.

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Are You Ready For The Next Adventure?

Nature is a great place to discover you, because it is unconditionally accepting, stimulates all the senses, and it is harmonious, balanced and has been tried and tested over time. We evolved in adaptation to nature, it is our roots to which we can return to experience a sense of belonging.

Our wildeness encounters in Africa and Sicily.

The wilderness places we visit in small groups are diverse but mostly found in southern and eastern Africa, and in Sicily.

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