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What does it take to Never Give Up?

This week’s weekly wilderness webinar was for those feeling they were in an uphill battle that was sapping their energy and needed to find ways to build resilience and keep going so that important dreams and goals were reached. Our webinar was beyond expectation as we observed a mother bear and her cub climb a perilous, snow-saturated slope.

I was joined live by a seasoned QA leader in health care from the USA, Suchita Chakravarty, and Karina Jaskova who is a Clinical and Health psychologist, CBT and Ecotherapy practitioner from Latvia as she travelled home. True life stories were shared by myself and Suchita as to how profoundly nature has changed our lives in very vulnerable times. Please listen in to found out more.

The life insights gained from the mother bear and her cub make more sense if you watch what happened in the video, but in summary they include:

  • In order to not give up on our dreams we need a mentor who has travelled the pathway we pursue. The mother bear knew that she could lead the cub along the perilous journey because she knew well it's resources and resilience.

  • When we take one step after another to reach our dreams we can often make mistakes. However that does not mean we have failed. Each mistake provides wisdom as to what works and what does not. We only fail if we stop trying.

  • Often the deepest darkness is just before the sunrise of success. Beware that often the most difficult, devastating and defining challenge comes just before the breakthrough.

  • Often (m)others try to assist with the best of intentions, but if they are creating dependency or doubts in our own ability, this can lead to a slippery slope that drops us lower than the place from which we began, the time when we were full of self-belief and excitement. If this happens, don't give up, stabilise yourself, reassess, remember the reason that motivated your dream in the first place, and begin climbing again.

  • You need to have a dream that is big enough that you burn or all the bridges and there is no return route. Stopping before you succeed is not an option. Your 'survival' needs to depend on this dream, and the dream needs to be bigger than your own personal gain, it must benefit others as well when it is achieved.

The next Weekly Wilderness Webinar takes place on:

Date & Time: Wednesday, 27th March 2024 at 6pm UK time.

When we go another vicarious, wildlife safari to discover:

What do you do if you're unsure which career path to choose, or you want to branch out in a new career?

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