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Nakedly Wild

Wilderness is vastly different from the clutter and clatter of much of our civilized world. In wilderness one experiences exhilaration and joy. In freedom and simplicity, in its vitality and immense variety, happiness may not only be pursued; it is ofttimes found. Harry Broome, Author

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Nakedly Wild
Nakedly Wild

Time & Location

05 Feb 2024, 17:09 SAST – 10 Feb 2024, 17:09 SAST

Hluhluwe-Umfolosi National Park, Hluhluwe, South Africa

About the Event

It’s no  by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild nature fades



Have you ever hiked in a wilderness area, slept under the stars and seen no-one for days? Have you ever done so in an area with no tents, no roads and the highest density of predators in the world?

This adventure is for those who would like to immerse themselves in the most authentic wildlife encounter I have ever experienced.

A Wilderness Trail is a deeply profound experience that is very difficult to articulate. It is a chance to return to your natural habitat and re-connect with the widness within yourself.. An opportunity to be immersed in the rhythm of nature, her sights, sounds, smells and touch.



Of course! Do you think I would be so brave as to put my life at risk? No way! The guides are skilled at reading the signs of the wild so as to avert any unnecessary wildlife encounters. All is done with respect between ourselves and the animals, birds, insects, bushes, grasses, and trees that live there.

In 2009 I completed this amazing wilderness encounter with 3 amputees, 2 game guides and myself. We watched elephants drink from rivers; saw buffalo, bucks, lions, and rhino from a safe distance; took turns guarding each other through each starry night around a campfire; and daily walked and discovered in detail the secrets of the Bush.



During the day we will hike through the bush, observing wild animals, birds, insects and all that lives in this wilderness space from a safe distance. We will see where they walked, what they ate, watch their uninhibited lives as participant observors, sharing their space in a respectful way.

Our guides will give us great insights about all we see and protect us from any danger at all times.

We will carry our own rucksack with clothes, bedding, dry foods and the odd pot from sleeping place to sleeping place.

Healthy meals will be enjoyed in the natural surroundings.

At night we will build a campfire and chat about the day’s adventure. We will sleep under the stars. The guards will be on alert and available if needed at all times, but we will take it in turms to keep the campfire going throughout the night. These times alone while everyone else sleeps are the most sacred moments to connect with the wild within and without.



Mandy Young is an Ecopsychologist, who has spent a quater of a century with wild animals, tribal people and swimming with dolphins. During her profession as a Psychotherapist, which has streteched over three decades, she has walked a heaing journey with people of all ages towards more loving relationships with themselves and those they care about, and now with the earth that sustains us. Mandy’s  passion is to help you gain life changing, take home, understandings from your wildlife encounters and observations.



Over 70 000 people from all walks of life have been on trail with the highly skilled and expertly trained Wilderness Leadership Nature Guides since the opportunity was funded by Dr. Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombela in 1957.



$1053 for local South Africans; $1450 for International participants

+ 4 nights in a untouch wilderness venue teaming with wildlife

+ all meals

+ 2 nights at base camp

+ airport transfers from Shaka Zulu National Airport

+ 2 well trained wildlife Guides

+ Facilitation of Mandy Young, Ecopsychologist


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