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The Butterfly Effect

Ever been Foraging?

My son and I had a great time experiencing the wild woods of Sheffield with a group called Earth Year with Dan Ashby who hosts a podcast called The Butterfly Effect.

I was captivated by what I was twigging about plants! They are so diverse and far reaching in what they offer - their smells, beautiful colors, furry or flat, and of course what they taste like. Did you know a stinging nettle is full of minerals and tastes earthy. If you pick it in a certain way it does not bite back.

Are you plugged into the mystery that you can make beer, honey and coffee from different parts of a dandelion?

For the first time I learnt some life-insights from plants: there is a tree that has bark that makes sure all the poisonous stuff it slurps up from pollution can be side-lined to a special storage compartment so that it does not contaminate the fruit it flowers? I thought it would be a good idea if we did the same! How about pigeonholing those negative people in our lives, or the discouraging, dismissing thoughts that pollute our progress, so that the fruity-flowers we contribute are uncontaminated?

You are welcome to listen in to 6 minutes of interesting, fun, banter.

Episode 7

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