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Exploring a Career Change or Career Development?

This week’s weekly wilderness webinar was for those who are unsure whether the career path they have chosen is the right one, and for those happy in their profession, ambitious to expand their skills and influence. Our experiential, interactive reptile who launched us into an animated discussion was a venomous Russel's viper shedding its skin.

As this beautiful reptile moved through it's transformation these were some of the insights gained for career change and development:

You can listen in on the video recording above to enjoy the full experience.

  • Before the viper begins to shed it's skin it chooses a safe place to rest up, and suns himself, gaining energy for transformation. Often we decide to make a career change or recognize we need to upskill when we are desperate, depressed or discouraged. This is not a mentally healthy place to make important decisions, recognize your need to change and grow, but before you start rest-up a little and feel nurtured and safe, your perceptions from the top of your 'emotional mountain' will look quite different.

  • As the Russel's viper starts to shed it's skin it is like opening dark curtains on a sunny day, the contrast of the old skin to the new is eye-catching. The old skin is wo withered, dry and dull compared to the fresh, creative colours of the new skin. When we remain in 'old skins' that we have outgrown they restrict us and lack life, but when we take the risk of moving forward each new step feels like a new day, a new energy, a new hope, and a new horizon of possibilities.

  • To move out of the old skin, requires muscular movement from within and external challenges from without. What are the inner muscles one requires to bring about growth or change?

    • mental strength and resilience through hope, and possibly encouragement from a mentor or therapist who really 'gets you' and has your back.

    • daily reflections to check in with yourself how you are feeling, are are you on track?

    • an excel spread sheet for accountability that displays your goal, and the steps you are going to take to reach your desired destiny. What in your environment can challenge change?

    • a new financial shortfall, for example a child wants to go to university or college.

    • your doctor tells you your blood pressure is too high.

    • you are tired of travelling great distances and you would like to work remotely.

  • Metamorphosis takes time. The Russel's viper does not miraculously shoot out of it's old skin. If you go too fast you will emerge unprepared and vulnerable, if you go too slow you may give up.

  • When the Russel's Viper left his old skin behind, as a new version of itself, it was ready to hunt.

It is obvious if you watch the Russel's viper shedding it's skin the starting place when changing your career, or developing skills in your current profession, is knowing yourself, being clear about what you want to change or grow, and then get started. With this process in mind I have developed a Career Change & Development course that is very affordable.

Career Change ^0 Development
Download PDF • 443KB

Email me on if you would like to benefit.

Our next Weekly Wilderness Webinar takes place on:

Date & Time: Wednesday, 5th April 2024 at 6pm UK time.

When we go another vicarious, wildlife safari to discover:

How can we Nurture Family & Team Connections

Our hosts are African Wild Dogs, or as I prefer to call them Painted Hunting Dogs.

Email me on if you would like to be included on future Weekly Wilderness Webinars so that you do not lose out.

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