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Your Guide

Mandy Young

mandy and bushmen 600.jpg
  • Trained Psychotherapist

  • Over 25 years of wilderness experience

  • Mandy's Tours were featured on a TV documentary

  • Over 1000 happy travelers

  • Mandy is South African and brings wildlife, culture  you together in the best possible way

Mandy is qualified to be your guide in this life changing journey because she is trained as a Psychotherapist and has spent quarter of a century observing Painted Hunting Dogs, meerkats, white lions, elephants and mountain gorillas. Mandy has walked with the Bushmen and has been adopted into a Masai village just outside of Amboseli National Park, just below Mout Kilimanjaro. Mandy has also been swimming with wild dolphins in Mozambique since 2005. Her work has been the subject of several magazine articles and newspaper editorials, local and national conference presentations, and has recently been included in a baby book called Ecotherapy, the Wisdom of Elephants and Continuum Concepts. Her Hurt to Hope program has also been featured in a children’s documentary, and her book about her journey in wilderness places, together with fellow travelers, is complete and soon to be published.

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