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Wild Men, Wild Women & Wild Dogs

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Weekly Wilderness Webinar 8


We watched an Alpha female give birth in the depths of her den, with the Alpha male and the rest of the pack alert, aware, and sometimes in attendance. About 21 pups can be born into a wild dog pack at one time. Forty-nine days later we watched as the pups moved out of the burrow for the first time and met the rest of the pack.


The group discussion varies in terms of the perception of the Alpha male when the Alpha female was giving birth. She clawed at stones in her pain. Some in the group felt he was distant but attentive. Others thought he was very connected to the whole birthing process and aware of what was happening at all times.

I revealed to the group that when I had the privilege of seeing an Alpha female giving birth through a one-way mirror into a den, it was apparent the Alpha female was the one psychologically and physically equipped to be giving birth to the pups, but the Alpha male was very much in attendance, licking her brow when she was in pain, or actually helping to get the pups out.

When the Alpha male played a nurturing and protective role, the Alpha female was more effective in her birthing capacity. This is true of humans too.

Duncan commented that the Alpha female, like a true leader, often feels alone as leaders are one step ahead of their team, but they need to be diligent in the roles and responsibilities they have been given to give birth, together with the team, to the pups/projects that would become a part of the future of the survival/success of the pack/team.


When observing wild dog packs, noticing the way they are team and community together is paramount. All agreed our sense of community as humans have been compromised by the search for self-sufficiency, greed, and a pursuit of money more than the value for relationships.

We are reminded that being community is critical to wild dog and human survival. Duncan commented that wild dog communities are very organized, there is an individuality that exists, but is a source of richness for team activity.

Marc said we do not adequately honor those tribes that are seen to be less sophisticated in human standards, but in the end, it is relationship, not money that makes life wealthy.

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