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Updated: May 14

This weekly wilderness webinar was for those interested in knowing who they are in the work space, using a Tetramap Process to measure emotional intelligence based on the four natural elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

The Tetramap Process in an Emotional Intelligence assessment tool developed by Jon and Yoshimi Breft. You may find you are a more Earth person, hands on and a good organizer, and someone who enjoys relating; or an Air-head with visionary thoughts. Maybe you are flowing like Water - calm and clear thinking, or Fiery with passion, purpose and optimism.

Our creature from the wild was a chameleon, who unveiled that although we might change colours when dealing with different situations and challenges, with diverse team mates, our authentic rooted personality orientations are consistent over time.

However...did you know that chameleons do not change colours to create camouflage, because they know they were born to stand out. There colours change according to their moods. When they are wanting to strongly connect either because conflict is imminent, or because they want to mate, their colours are brighter and more passionate. When they are quiet and ponderous, their colours are more dull and less distinguished.

Our guide and emotional intelligence guru who unfolded various aspects of the Tetramap was Robin Hills. Please listen to our dialogue below to gather inspirational insights;

Please let me know if you would like to engage in a dynamic personal or group Tetramap Assessment over a 4 week online Wilderness Encounter called Why are You Like That?

I highly recommend this was of assessing yourself as we intuitively understand the metaphor of the four natural elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We evolved in body, mind and soul in adaptation to nature. Natural systems are not only part of our roots but they are holistic, synergistic, and inter-dependent. Nature Encounters highlights that our every behaviour has an impact on ourselves, everyone we engage with, and on everything we do.

If you would like to engage in the Tetramap Assessment Process with colleagues you will develop a common language of understanding. Communication within the work force improves, and conflict is more easily resolved because colleagues interact with each other with a deeper understanding.

If you are a leader of a group engaging in the 4 Elements Tetramap Process the approach will help participants relax and feel comfortable as they get to know and understand each other. As a leader you will gain clarity as what motivates each of your employees gain insight into their intentions.

Team Building becomes Transformational, and the overall process empowers a sense of dignity, celebration and fun.

On Wednesday 8th May 2024 at 6pm UK time, our

Weekly Wilderness Webinar focuses on:


This is for participants who know what it is like to have their brain and neural functioning high jacked by Trauma and Stress in a way sabotages many of their living and sleeping moments. The wildlife inspired webinar is also for Coaches and Counsellors who have the privilege of journeying and coming alongside clients who are challenged with the emotions and behaviours that are a consequence or PTSD.

Our Wildlife Hosts with whom you will Safari Online are Elephants who have lost family members owing to the care-less, culling of their communities. They too have experienced PTSD as explained by Psychologist & Ecologist, Gay Bradshaw in her book:

Elephants on the Edge: What Animals Teach Us About Humanity.

Email me on if you would like to be included on future Weekly Wilderness Webinars so that you do not miss out.

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