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The Praying Mantis & the Snake

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Weekly Wilderness Webinar 6


These were some of the Life Insights gained from an intriguing encounter between a Praying Mantis and a Snake. Who will win for survival?


We watched the snake slide up the branch towards the Praying Mantis, with an arrogant intent, believing the contest to be one-sided in its favor because of its size. The snake was unprepared for the skills, strategies, and capabilities possessed by its competition.

So the first life insight gained was to be careful not to take on more than you can chew.

The snake did not do its homework and in ignorance, like us sometimes, did not have a plan B, or other strategies 'under its skin'.


The Praying Mantis was ready for the attack and used its strong forearms to pin down the snake.

A discussion ensued about how the praying mantis had 'done it's homework' in terms of being able to face and conquer its attacker. Similarly, it is important for us to know our limitations and strengths when we assess our competition. The threat may not always be outside of us, sometimes it comes from within - how we use our time or prioritize our daily tasks.


In spiritual language, the snake is often symbolized as satan or evil. The praying mantis as what its name says - prayerful and watchful in intent.

There was intent not to spiritualize this interaction but a reflection on how through the energy of prayer we can take on that which seems way bigger than we are. A second spiritual thought evolved as the praying mantis began to eat the snake even before it was dead. We too need to act in faith as if something is done, and it will be - in this situation the final demise and death of the snake/enemy.

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