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Weekly Wilderness Webinar 18


This unique, and sometimes visually confusing, video footage of a real wildlife interaction of the challenges of giving birth for a female zebra, are nakedly shocking at times.

The mother zebra actually faints from pain during the birthing process. Fortunately, her male partner brings her out of her comatosed state and helps to remove the newborn from the birthing channel. It is a challenging process as usually the birthing process is enabled and supported by gravity with a zebra mother in a standing position, not lying down.

The little zebra is birthed and the mother stumbles to her feet. Owing to the pain she has experienced she turns on the perceived source of the pain - her partner and her baby. She starts kicking out and even shakes her baby vigorously in anger. The father zebra tries to calm her down and protect the baby.

After a few seconds of visual horror, the mother zebra calms down, the pain dissipates, and her motherly instinct kick-in, and instead of kicking out, she starts to lick, kiss, and welcome her precious new zebra calf into the world.


The first insight gained from this experience is that - let's be honest - birthing is painful! I remember giving birth to my first child and in the hospital bed next to me there was another birthing mother in so much pain she was hitting her husband with the wooden stint strapped to her arm as she received a relaxant intravenously.

Great insight from observing the zebra mother giving birth is that she would not have made it, neither would the calf, if her partner had not been available. Don't try and go through this painful, but life-changing experience alone, the pain of delivering a baby into the world can be mediated by husbands, midwives, caring parents, intimate friends, and compassionate, caring hospital staff.

I know that for my daughter and daughter-in-law, home births in a warm-water pool, with caring family members around, and affirming images and quotes on the wall, definitely decreased the pain of the birthing experience.

We celebrate that beyond the pain of giving birth is the exultation that comes with the creativity of bringing your own child into the world.


Sometimes when birthing a new business or a new project, it is painful, because:

  • others may think our ideas rediculous

  • it is new and unknown

  • many failures are experienced to show us what won't work and what will

  • we lack the resources

However, if we did not go through the challenges and the pain something new and transformative, may never emerge. it took Edison, 1000 failed attempts to create the light bulb, and Colonel Saunders was turned down 1009 times until Kentucky Fried Chicken was established as a brand and worldwide network.


If you would like to gain Personal & Professional Insights from our next



Thursday, 26th November 2020 at 12.30 SAST / Rome (GMT+1)

we begin the 3-week Workshop, called


A Business Model for the 21st Century of Interdependence and Integrity


Please join me as we discover our inner, authentic wildness, and spend time with the great wild dog hunters and leaders as they strategize to survive, succeed and pass on a heritage to the future generation.


There is an investment of time and money involved. When I hosted this 3-hour workshop for the alumni of the Stellenbosch Business School, each participant paid $599. However, I am not going to ask for that investment or even an investment of $199, or $99, but only $29.99 per session!

There is more good news, if you refer 1 paying friends you go FREE.

If you invite 5 paying friends to enjoy the benefits you go FREE and earn $150

If you invite 10 paying friends to enjoy the benefits you go FREE and earn $400

Please email me on by 22nd November 2020

if you would like to participate.


  • Understandings of the most motivational leadership styles

  • How to increase your productivity

  • Being a Team that embraces Diversity for Dominance

  • Leave a Legacy

Please email me on by 22nd November 2020

if you would like to participate.

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