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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Weekly Wilderness Webinar 3


These were some of the Life Insights gained from going on a vicarious, online wildlife safari with the cute, gregarious meerkats.


We watched a Meerkat up on guard, wobbling on a tall branch of a sparsely leaved tree, blowing in the wind. The meerkat was watching out for predators like eagles or Bat Eared Foxes, whilst his clan foraged below, filling their bellies with juicy larvae or the odd, scaley scorpion, with a long stingy tail.

We asked why is that meerkat up on guard? He looks lonely. Is he hungry? Was it his role for that day?

Science shows us that the meerkat up on guard has usually eatern a juicy beetle and has cared well for himself, so he is able to digest his food in comfort and look out for his clan who have not fed as well, just yet.

The life insight is that if we make sure we are well fed - this might mean enough to ear, but it also may mean enough rest, enough cuddly loving...then we are well filled up to take care of those in our clan - our children, those we serve in our work...

If you would like to join us on the Weekly Wilderness Webinar this week, the focus is on MINGLING with wild MEERKATS, then please send me your email and I will send details as to how to join in and gain your own life-changing insights from observing these cute, gregarious, entertaining creatures.


We watched as a mother meerkat caught a crunchy, wriggly scorpion, but before she could eat it, her young pup, took it from her and began to feast.

Sometimes as parents or as employees we have more resources and experience than those we are trying to rear or train and we have to make a few sacrifices, but never if it compromises our overall well-being, just temporarily so that others in our care can grow and mature.


We saw a mob of meerkats chase away a puff adder. They could have been harmed if they tried to take on this mass of slithering snake on their own.

Life insight - Team Work makes the Dream Work. Together we can face hardships that would be overwhelming on our own.

Please join us next week Thursday at 12.30 (GMT +1) to learn some amazing take-away, life-changing insights as we vicariously MEET the MOUNTAIN GORILLAS.

To join in please email me on

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