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Loving the Lions

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Weekly Wilderness Webinar 5


These were some of the Life Insights gained from going on a vicarious, online wildlife safari to visit with two male lions, brothers, dominant in their territory and a lioness and her pride as they hunt. After the hunt, one young lion gets lost from the pride on the other side of the river inhabited by large crocodiles and hippos.


We watched the male lions calling to one another, as a way of communicating, and also roaring to let their competitors know of their presence.

Their behavior make us aware that to succeed in partnerships, at work, or at home, we need to communicate well so that each person understands the content and intent of the communication.

Lion roars can be heard 5 miles away, so we were also inspired to 'Get out Roar On' because we were not born to blend in but to stand out and have a presence.


The brothers working together with a solid step by step purposeful approach to guard the boundaries of their territories; or the lioness on the hunt, needed to be in good condition to achieve their purposes or goals.

In this unprecedented time in our history, we need to be in good physical heath, adaptive and aware of what is going on in our environment, and we need a good mental mindset to make the most of the new challenges that covid-19 brings our way.


The lioness who initiated the hunt, was unsuccessful as the impala ran into the river and she was cautious of the predators that live there. Her pride joined her however and there was a fearless young female who was unafraid and gave chase of the same buck a second time. She caught the buck and was dragging it to the riverbank for the entire pride to feed.

Lions are often loners, or they hang out in brother coalitions, groups of young cubs, or young adults. Sometimes the whole pride moves together. In whatever social or family format they are found, they have a common agenda to protect and feed the pride.

In this situation, we explored the pros and cons of operating alone in business or being a 'pride' or team. Operating alone provides ease of movement and decision making, one does not need to take the time to consider other's needs or opinions; however, operating as a team means more resources and skills that one persona/lioness may not have in their 'arsenal'. it can also mean a higher level of productivity.

Life Insight 4

The fearless young lioness had captured the buck, but she immediately had competition, one huge crocodile, and then a second approached to compete for the 'buck feast'. The young lioness assessed when the second crocodile approached that she was out of her league.

This scene led to a discussion about when to let go in the face of competition. This was particularly pertinent for one participant who was having to go online with her product that usually sold at various market events that were no longer available during the lockdown. She was faced with overwhelming competition on social media. She realized she needed to let go of her current marketing strategy and focus more on her unique selling point, and on letting people know that in buying her product they would also be contributing to helping an organization that supports new business start-ups.

Life Insight 5

After the pride joined in with the hunt there was a young lion left on the other side of the rive. It was vulnerable without the pride for protection, but to get back to the pride, the young lion would have to cross the crocodile and hippo infested waters. The young lion assessed it's the situation, made a decision, faced it's fears and crossed the river. It was happily reunited with the pride.

This scene led to a discussion about facing fears, and after having done so, to go for it - 'burn all the bridges' and action the crossing. It is only when we face our fears we move forward and get out of our comfort zone. It is only when we act we can determine whether our initiative was a good choice or not.

Please join us on the next Weekly Wilderness Webinar this Thursday at 12.30 (GMT +1) to learn some amazing take-away, life-changing insights as we focus on THE PRAYING MANTIS and the SNAKE.

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