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Weekly Wilderness Webinar 14


This week we started with our online safari with a humorous video about fruit bats. We learnt that they are a 'big-ass' bat, they eat frit of course; their wings are like skinny raincoats and they have an amazing sense of smell. They don't need echolocation capabilities as fruit is not likely to dance or dart away but just hangs with juicy temptation. They are an endangered species and range in size. They are known for their sociability, flamboyant communication, close bonding as they nurture one another with a high level of touch. They seem to enjoy sex and are sensitive to one another.

We then continued our online safari by adventuring into Kasanka National Park in Zambia to experience Africa's largest bt migration. Do you know that these fruit bats fly thousands of miles from the Congo to Zambia, at the same seasonal time each year, because they like the fruit-bearing delicacies in Kasanka so much!

The sight of them at sunset is a sight to behold:


A participant in the group mentioned that if a bat comes into your life it brings a message of transformation. Sometimes, like change, it is scary looking, but sometimes we need to move away from non-life giving activities or bad habits, to reach for a higher calling, a higher dream.


Once again, this is a mammal that shows high levels of sociability that can be nurtured and bonds held together through communication, sensitivity, communication and good sex.

Please join us on the next Weekly Wilderness Webinar next Thursday at 12.30 (GMT +1) to learn some amazing takeaway, life-changing Personal & Professional insights as we:


and explore some horny parent-child challenges.

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