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Can Dolphins Disrupt Diseases like Cancer?


In the 21st century, we consider good health as the absence of disease. However, when considering the interaction between our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being we must add non-physical factors to the mix, for example - peace of mind, contentment, and a sense of deep inner and outer security.

If we limit our understanding of what causes illness then we also consider fewer treatment intervention possibilities.

As early as the 16th century the sages of old recognized the healing power of happiness.

Bombastus von Honeheim, a Renaissance man, whose interests included medicine, chemistry, and toxicology recognized the mind, will, emotions, and our perceptions have a great deal to do with promoting good health. He suggested the notion of psychosomatic illnesses, poor health caused by non-physical factors.


Considering alternative healing possibilities for physical and mental illness lets allow our heart and minds to rest on the dolphins:

American Indians believe dolphins symbolize 'manna' or life force. For these tribal people, the dolphin is the keeper of the sacred breath of life and the dolphin is seen as a healing totem used to release emotional tension.

More recent research cited in the British Medical Journal Nov 26, 2005; 331(7527) by researchers Christian Antonioli, PhD candidate in psychiatry and Michael A Reveley, professor of psychiatry together with a Medical Team at Leicester University found that patients who had been swimming with dolphins showed improved mental health. The researchers say dolphins emotions released through dolphin-human interaction may have healing properties. They speculate that the ultrasound emitted by dolphins as part of their echolocation system may give rise to the healing transformation and that dolphin-human interactions could be a productive way to treat depression and other psychiatric illnesses.

Research published in 2021 by Olivia de Bergenen, businesswoman, dolphin researcher, and author of Dolphins Doctors of our Souls, confirms that 'Dolphin within' experiences have helped participants heal physically, release and integrate emotional childhood traumas, deal with addictions and phobias, lose weight, increase spiritual enlightenment and change their lives in many different ways as a result of increased courage and clarity.

Dr Horace Dobbs has published scientific papers in fields as diverse as nuclear chemistry, medicine and pharmacology. His remarkable and adventurous life is documented in numerous bestselling books and TV films. He founded The Oxford Underwater Research Group and the charity International Dolphin Watch. Horace’s enthusiasm and ability to transmit his ideas at all levels so endeared him to big audiences at the National Geographic Society in Washington, that he was awarded a Silver Bowl (the equivalent to an Oscar in the film world) by the International Platform Association for his presentation ‘Follow a Wild Dolphin’ about Donald the dolphin.

Dr. Horace Dobbs, now deceased showed that dolphin-human interactions help those dealing with depression and that these interactions stimulate immune systems and people’s desire to heal. He was the creator and founder of the Dolphin Dreamtime – Pathway to Serenity, which helped him cure colon cancer at the age of 83 years of age.

Many people do not have the time or money to make swim with dolphins, although they deeply desire to do so. That is why Dobbs created the Dolphin Dreamtime Meditation because he believed that even a virtual dolphin experience could alleviate depression and shift body systems.

I believe the CD that Dobbs used, Dolphin Dreamtime – Pathway to Serenity, can be a valuable aid in assisting the treatment of;

· cancer patients,

· those dealing with depression,

· loss through bereavement or divorce,

· phantom pain as a result of traumatic amputation,

· pregnant mothers giving birth and

· hyperactive and mentally challenged children

· generally, anyone feeling stressed or exhausted.


As a psychologist in Cape Town, I took an 8-year journey with cancer patients and their families. Towards the end of my employment at Ithemba Labs where patients received blasts of neorons or protons for aggressive and repetitive cancers, I played 4 patients the Dolphin Dreamtime Meditation and this was the result:


Before listening to the CD M was experiencing much pain in her throat. She was in her late years and was feeling overwhelmed and fearful because the nursing staff were struggling to minimize this pain.

As a result, her reaction was to try to control anything she could and was being quite prescriptive and fussy about what she would like to eat.

After listening to the Dolphin Dreamtime CD these were her comments:

I feel so relaxed…happy..aware of how valuable I am and of being surrounded by people who really love me and care for me like family…I feel hope that the pain will go away, in fact, it is very much less…I feel free.



Before listening to the CD I was complaining about pain in her back from a benign tumor-like growth.

After listening to the Dolphin Dreamtime CD these were her comments:

I felt the dolphin sounds pass right through my body from my head to my toes and as if something left my body, something was released..there was a letting go…my mind emptied…there was a restful peace. I fell into a deep sleep.



Before listening to the CD R had just had her first treatment after a long period of waiting; her blood count had not been high enough to proceed with treatments. She came back from treatment quite tired and listened to the CD. These were comments afterward:

Listening to the dolphins feels like going inside your heart as if all the pain is being taken away (I think she meant emotional pain). I felt so free as if I was traveling the whole world. It was as if I was there swimming with them away from people and from pain, it was a safe place where I believed I would not be harmed.



Ma took a while to let go and relax when she started listening to the Dolphin Dreamtime CD, but thereafter this was her feedback:

I felt a great stillness. I was alone and I was reminded of all the wonderful works that God created. I felt healing and warmth in my body and my heart, a great sense of being at ease.


FEEDBACK: Two days later.

At this stage, no one had listened to the CD a second time and I was surprised and enthused at the continuity of the impact generated by the energy of the Dolphins:

MARY was excited about going home and sad to be leaving at the same time. "The treatment venue is a holistic nurturing place', she said.

On Monday it felt like the dolphins came and grabbed the pain from my throat. I am not cured but I feel so much better. The dolphin sounds and your words were mixed together and there has been very little pain since then.


Irene said, "When I listened to the dolphins something came out of my body. I could physically feel the blood circulating around my body. The growth on my back is still there but there is no more pain. I will still get it checked out with the doctor though when I get back to Pretoria'.


Rene (After her third treatment) said:

Listening to the dolphins helped me clear my mind and I started to journal again. I believed I could start a new life journey. I also became aware of how much anger and pain I had inside that I needed to let go of…and guilt – what if I had done this or that. I realized I needed to let go of what I cannot control. The dolphins helped me to gain the wisdom that I need to take care of myself. To put my needs first and others' needs second. They gave me hope that I can let go of the past and move into the future knowing better that I have to cope with this sickness.


MARIA said:

This morning when I was listening to the birds singing I also heard the sounds of the dolphins. I feel alone in a way that I just can focus on myself. When I hear their sounds I feel more able to think about spiritual things. They make me feel restful and at ease. So they are so satisfied that they make me feel the same way.


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