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Are you ready to Be Team?

Greetings my name is Mandy Young, I am an Ecopsychologist and I have spent over a quarter of a century observing wild animals with social behavior, walking and talking with indigenous people, and swimming with free, ocean-moving dolphins.

My passion is to take you for a walk on the wild side to Awaken your Wild Within so that you can gain personal and professional life-changing understandings.

My hope is that something in you will mature, heal, grow, create new ideas, dreams, and visions, and in response, you will influence other people’s lives in an inspiring way and also want to give back to the wild places and wild animals who have made this life-changing journey possible for you and possibly also your team.

I met the Wild Dogs or Painted Hunting Dogs as I prefer to call them in an awakened, searching way for the first time in 1995. They are pack animals who show what it is to Be Team or community whatever they are doing and wherever they are. Being Team is innate, it is foundational for them to survive and thrive.

When I left my family pack at 10 years old and went to boarding school I found it difficult to connect with groups thereafter, but it was what I most needed in my life. You see wild dogs and early man needed the same thing otherwise they would not have survived – they needed each other, to be a pack, to be a community. We still need each other in the same meaningfully, authentically connected way.

Being a pack or a family or a community requires interdependence, which is something we struggle with in our western society that encourages self-sufficiency and status, wealth, and supremacy. That is why we need wild dogs and indigenous people because they show us how to Be Team.

So the wild dogs who I observed in Hwange and Savi in Zimbabwe, and Madikwe, Philhaensberg, Kruger and Hluhluwe-Umfolosi in South Africa showed me ways of relating to myself and others. They are exciting pack animals to observe. They have great playful energy and do everything together. They show their connection with each other with mouthed kisses. This is one of their ways of saying: “Hey you are family, let’s hang out together”.

I would like to invite you to join me tonight as we go On Safari online and discover how to be Team as we watch a select wildlife video of their behavior.

To Join Me tonight, Wednesday, 10th August 2022 at 5 pm GMT

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