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17 Jul, 12:00 GMT+2 – 24 Jul, 12:00 GMT+2
Catania, Catania, Province of Catania, Italy

About the Event


19th – 26th September, 2020

Costa del Sol, Sicily

Dolphins speak to us of the rhythm of our emotions: breathing in joy before plunging into the depth and then rushing to the surface to do it all over again.


Cost del Sole Hotel, is situated on an untouched 20-kilometer stretch of beach with magnificent views of the volcanic Mount Etna, from a safe distance. You can step out onto the beach at any time of the day. 

During this Sicilian flavored Wilderness Encounter you and enjoy 

+ excursions to view eight different species of whales and dolphins in the bay of Catania, 

+ visit the top of a live volcano.

+ visit the architecturally profound seaport of Siracuse

+ and, the top tourist destination on the island, Taormina, that offers snorkeling, shopping, and panoramic views from the Greek Amphitheatre.


Dolphin Launch – Acitressa

We will travel from the hotel to AciTrezza, about a 30 minute transfer, to launch on a boat into the Bay of Catania with well renowned, experienced professionals from an organization called Marecamp. The professionals include a skilled skipper and a qualified marine biologist. In the Bay of Catania, it is possible to see 8 different species of whales and dolphins. Te Bay of Catania is a protected Marine Reserve.

For those who are enthusiastic, there will be a pre and post boat launch questionnaire to complete to aid research in dolphin-human interaction.

After the boat launch to see the dolphins and the whales your experience will be enhanced by a self-reflective group discussion to gain personal and professional insights from what you have just seen. You will also be free to participate in a dolphin meditation that can offer deep emotional, physical and spiritual healing and understandings. These groups are hosted by Mandy Young, Ecopsychologist.

Viewing Volcano – Mount Etna

Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe at 3350m a.b.s.l. and extends for 1250 km. It is considered to be the most active volcanoes in the world.

We will travel from the hotel to the top of Mount Etna to a height of 1923m, a 45-minute drive, from where we will congregate and transfer to Nicolosi Nord-Rifugio Sapienza by means of a modern cableway. We will reach an altitude of 2500m by this means, and then transfer to special Mercedez-Benz Unimag to explore authorized southern and eastern craters, with breath-taking and unbelievable panoramic views. We will get as close to the active volcano as security allows. At all times we will be wit experienced volcano and mountain guide experts.

This is one of the most life-changing and memorable adventures you will ever encounter. The thoughts, feelings, and experiences while on this adventure can be discussed and translated into personal and professional insights afterwards with your Ecotherapy host.

Sightseeing in Syracuse

A 35-minute drive takes guests to Ortigia, Syracuse on the Ionian coast of Sicily, our first stop is the Archaeological Park Neapolis to see the Roman Amphitheater, the Teatro Greco and the Orecchio di Dionisio, a limestone cave shaped like a human ear; and the most famous archeological museum in Europe, exhibiting terracotta artifacts dating from pre-historical to Greek-Roman times, Roman portraits and Old Testament scenes are carved into the white marble.

Guests are able to enjoy the sights, sounds smells, and especially the Sicilian culinary of the city at their own pace. As we cross the Umbertino bridge onto the island you will be greeted by the aroma of spices, chili peppers, almond cakes, and a variety of seafood.

Continue now to the central Piazza Dourmo and look up at the Impressive Cathedral, built on the ruins of a temple dedicated to Athena in 480 BC.

There is more: Two castes, the Fonte de Aretusa, the temple of and the Sanctuary of Madonna.


Tourist Capital – Taormina

A 45-minute drive from the hotel brings us to the tourist capital of Sicily, Taormina, for a varied day from snorkeling and swimming in the transparent, turquoise seas of Isola Bella beach, possibly a boat trip to Grotto Azzurro.

We then move to higher places and eat, shop, and sightsee on the high street, Corso Umberto, studded with many diverse churches and staircases. There is also an opportunity to explore the impressive Teatro Antico di Taormina, an ancient Greco-­Roman theater, used for gladiators in Roman times, but used today for international operatic, theatre, and musical performances. Her crumbling walls open up a vista of Mount Etna in the distance, and her tranquil, top gardens are a cool place to rest and converse.

The day ends with sundowners at Castelmola as we watch the sunset behind the magnificent grandeur of the dominant and diverse Mount Etna.


Costa Del Sole Hotel is our home base. They offer comfort, friendly staff, and a location where you can feel at home or launch forth to explore the island. All breakfasts are provided.


Mandy has spent the past three years living in Sicily and exploring the island. She is a great traveler and explorer and has discovered many Sicilian visual and culinary delights she cannot want to introduce you to. Mandy's specialist expertise as an Ecopsychologist is to help you gain takeaway, personal and professional life-changing understandings from your encounters, on this occasion, observing dolphins and whales. 

Mandy has spent a quarter of a century with wild animals, tribal people and swimming with dolphins. During her profession as a Psychotherapist, which has stretched over three decades, she has walked a healing journey with people of all ages towards more loving relationships with themselves and those they care about, and now with the earth that sustains us. 



+ 7 nights including breakfast at Costa del Sol

+ 2 opportunities to watch dolphins and whales swimming wild from the safety of a boat.

+ A trip to the top of Mount Etna to view a live volcano

+ Transfers and tours to Taormina and Siracuse.

+ Facilitation and Hosting Hospitality of Mandy Young, Ecopsychologist

 If you are a Dolphin lover and you would love to explore the undiscovered tourist destination, of Sicily, this Wilderness Encounter is just for You.  RSVP as soon as possible, as numbers are limited, and let's get you informed, excited, and Booked into this Adventure. There are only places for 10 people.

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