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One head cannot hold all wisdom (Masai proverb).

Time & Location

05 May, 12:00 – 12 May, 12:00

About the Event


Each day will be filled with stalking lions, learning truths from the oldest elephants researched in history, and walking with the Masai. I have been privileged to have been introduced and accepted into a Masai village just outside of the Reserve, which has no boundaries. This Masai community will welcome you into their village to share their unique culture and lifestyle. They are people who care deeply for one another and show us how to be earth lovers too. Through their wisdom and life stories we can learn to laugh, dance, live more simply and value the wilderness and wildlife that surrounds us more deeply.


We will stay at the 4**** Serena Lodge, with spacious rooms, shady garden spaces and a sparkling pool. The lodge overlooks the Amboseli plains teaming with wildlife, birds, bucks and the frequent sightings of the colorful Masai herdsmen and herdswomen who thread their way through the wilderness tapestry with their nomadic goats and cattle.

A bountiful breakfast is provided and there is a restaurant on site where you will be served by Masai staff members with their beaming smiles.


Each day we will safari across the Amboseli plains and be inspired by the wildlife living there, or we will walk alongside our Masai friends and guides to learn the use of local plants.

If you would like to you can contribute back into the lives of our guides, the Masai, and have fun engaging with educational activities with the village children, learn some beading work with the Masai women, build a Masai hut from local materials or help erect a treetop tent to provide the Masai with additional income from future tourists who visit stay with them in the treetop tent.

Daily, Mandy will facilitate fun, friendly post-experience discussion groups, so that you can gather take-home, life-changing understandings. Your life perceptions will never be the same after Meeting the Masai.


Mandy Young has a long and privileged association with the Masai village people you will meet. Mandy and her husband have walked a long journey of many years with this wonderful community. You can hear how her story with the Masai began on her facebook page:

Also, Mandy Young is an Ecopsychologist, who has spent a quarter of a century with wild animals, tribal people and swimming with dolphins. During her profession as a Psychotherapist, which has stretched over three decades, she has walked a healing journey with people of all ages towards more loving relationships with themselves and those they care about, and now she has added a passionate dimension to her work, to take care of the earth that sustains us and all the flora and fauna we share this beautiful planet with. Mandy's desire is to help you gain life-changing, take-home, understandings from your wildlife encounters.



+ 7 nights Bed & Breakfast at Serena Lodge with daily Bushmen activities.

+ Return Flights from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Kilimanjaro Airport

+ 4 visits to the Masai village to enjoy Cultural Activities

+ Daily Safaris

+ A visit to the oldest Elephant Research site in the world.

+ Facilitation of Mandy Young, Ecopsychologist

If are excited to spend time with one of the oldest tribes in Africa to embrace their Cultural ways, and be in awe of wildlife sightings, especially the elephants, in the Amboseli National Parks, this WILDERNESS ENCOUNTER is just for You. So RSVP, and let's get you informed, excited, and Booked into this Adventure. There are only places for 9 people.

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