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The Joy of Dancing with Dolphins

Weekly Wilderness Webinar 16


I had a beautiful recording of an animated discussion revealing so many beautiful truths as we watched the graceful dolphins gliding through the water, playfully blowing bubbles and then leaping with exuberance above the waves, but silly me, I included the 3 minutes of official BBC video footage in the zoom recorded video, which then made it unpublishable. Sorry. I am checking with BBC copyrights if they will allow me to share the discussion with you here - hoping for their permission...

...In the meantime, I will share with you some of the key elements of our discussion together on The Joy of Dancing with Dolphins Weekly Wilderness Webinar, which also includes some amazing true-life stories.


We discussed the attributes of joy:

  • lightness and brightness

  • brings hope

  • draws us towards positivity

  • inspires us towards creativity

  • gives us a sense of freedom

  • enables us to rise above difficult circumstances

  • changes our perspective

  • makes us feel at ease

  • engages us in spontaneous and playful activity

We then asked - How do dolphins contribute towards JOY

  • they offer unconditional love and acceptance when they could be anywhere in the ocean, but chose to interact playfully and intimately with us

  • their echolocation capabilities buzz and scan our bodies as if we are having a wonderful massage

  • they make us feel unconditionally loved.


Stevie Hughs – International Fashion Designer was suffering from AIDS describes swimming with dolphins just off the Bahamas as ‘contributing to the acceptance of the fact that he has AIDS, revitalized his life and gave him a new perspective’.

After waiting for the dolphins for many days in bad weather in his first encounter he expresses:

I was scared at first, but looking into their eyes I felt I had been reborn. I could literally feel them scanning me, the sound was so loud. My heartbeat increased and I lost all sense of self and time. It no longer mattered who I was, that I had AIDS, that I might die. I felt completely humbled in their presence and grateful for the experience.’

He found that swimming with dolphins in captivity was upsetting, but in the wild,

‘..when they come to you in the wild, it is like a miracle, an amazing gift’.

He was aware the dolphins could not cure him but he was no longer afraid of dying, thus from then on, with his changed perspective, he could live his to the full:

Because they love you unconditionally, no strings attached, it is the purest experience you can have.’

Jemima Biggs struggled with manic depression and anorexia nervosa. She decided to swim with an Ambassador dolphin in Dingle Bay of Count Kerry in Ireland. An Ambassador dolphin is one that has chosen to leave it's pod and spend some time in a certain area, swimming and interacting with humans. It seems to have an agenda to express the healing power of dolphins. This dolphin was named Fungie by the locals.

Jemima , who had been struggling with these de-abilitating chronic illnesses for 9 yeas says that swimming with Fungie altered the way she thought about herself:

‘..the power of swimming with Fungie was his acceptance of me in the water in a physical sense – it did not matter what I looked like, whether I was fat or thin. The experience was one of mutual and unconditional love and trust which perhaps only another intelligent species like the dolphin can provide.’


You may want to Swim with Dolphins yourself and experience their joy and healing presence, if so, please join me on the next BUSH & BEACH Wilderness Encounter

Even before that, If you would like to:

  • Gain Personal & Professional Insights watching wild animal, dolpin video excerpts on line, followed by an engaging discussion on a WEEKLY WILDERNESS WEBINAR, or

  • Participate in a DOLPHIN DREAMTIME MEDITATION - relax, rejuvenate and gain personal emotional, spiritual or physical healing

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